Thursday, August 7, 2014

On Food And Foodies

I don't usually do a lot of reposts, unless it's done as a compilation of recipes that I feel might be appropriate around a holiday or a special occasion. But, because I've had so much going on in my world over the last couple of weeks, I decided to do one. Not just because I could put it together more quickly than a recipe post, but because I feel as though it's still relevant today. It's not even a post that was originally shared here. It's one that I did some time ago on my other blog, Spilled On The Kitchen Table.

Now, it isn't a recipe post. And yes, I do know that with all of the giveaway commotion around here lately, it's been an awfully long time since I've posted one of those. But, this post is about food. Food as a passion... food from the perspective of more than just the physical nourishment it provides.

That being said, I do have several recipe posts in the works at the moment, so I promise that you'll be seeing some full on color food photos and recipes on these pages again, soon.

(Those of you who follow my other blog might find this redundant and I apologize for that, but I felt like the feelings and thoughts that I expressed back then, still hold true to this day. I will be leaving out the original first paragraph, simply because it was about the weather we were experiencing at the time it was posted and that was at a different time of the year, entirely.)

So here we go... again.

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Earlier this morning, I was looking at some of the "discussion" posts on a LinkedIn group that I belong to and someone had asked the question: "Do you consider yourself a foodie?" (It's a group for foodies, of course) So, I took a gander at a few of the replies and it got me thinking about my own obsession with food and why so much of my life is centered around it. Let's see....

I love going out for dinner.

And lunch.

And breakfast.

And dessert.

I cook.

A lot.

I host (and cook for) the majority of my family's holiday celebrations and special occasions.

I collect cookbooks.

And I read them like most people read novels.

I have cupboards and drawers and shelves and boxes, filled with pots, pans, utensils, gadgets, table linens, dishes and serving pieces.

I get more excited about grocery shopping, than I do about clothes or shoe or chotchki shopping. (and I really love to shop for clothes and shoes and chotchkies)

I talk (a lot) about food.

My food board on Pinterest has 10 times more pins than any other 10 boards, combined.

I blog about food.


This is what my kitchen looks like when I'm working on a new recipe. It might be a bit chaotic at times, but it works for me.
So. How long has food been an obsession a passion for me?

Well... there was a time in my life when I had plans to become a professional chef. I was 16 years old and a junior in high school; and like most teenagers, I was absolutely, positively and unequivocally sure, that I had it all figured out. My parents were behind the idea 100%... for about a minute. Then, (insert sounds of screeching breaks) common sense (aka fear) took over and they decided that life as a "cook" was not at all what they'd envisioned for their little girl. Nope. Not. Absolutely, positively, unequivocally, N.O. (insert visual of a deflating balloon) But....

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Life went on. Time went by. I finished school, started a career, got married and had babies. (not necessarily all in that particular order) But these were all things that my parents had envisioned for me. And I suppose that I'd always envisioned them for myself.

All in all, it's been a damned good life, so far. Of course, there have been difficult times, too. Roads to cross. Tough decisions to make. Tears have been shed. Many tears. But, that is what life is. For all of us. We all experience the same duality in our lives. Good and not so good. (I don't really care for the "b" word) Positive and negative. Yin and yang.

And... there have been people sharing this journey with me. Good people, who've brought light into my darkest days, comfort when there's been pain, strength to a fearful heart and hope to a grieving soul. Loving people who have fed and in turn, also nourished my spirit. And isn't that the kind of food that matters most of all?

So, yeah... I'm most definitely a foodie.

How about you?

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

We Have Our Winners!

Sorry the announcement is so late folks, but I think most of you have been around here long enough by now, to know that it's no big stretch for me to be running behind. LOL

I'll be contacting each of the three winners via Facebook, email or other social media, as well as listing them here on the blog and on the blog's Facebook page.

When I do, I'll be asking each of you to message me privately, with your shipping info.

As was stated in the official rules, the winners must be 18 or over, live in the US or Canada and must have followed the rules of the giveaway. I've checked and re-checked the steps and personal information for each of the winners who were drawn and have found that the rules have been followed and all other stipulations apply accordingly.

And as it is also stated in the official rules, the first person chosen by the Random Number Generator, will have the first pick of the prizes and so on.

So, without further ado, let's get to it and see who the winners are, shall we?

The First Winner Drawn is..... Alycia Nichols!

The Second Winner Drawn is..... Nan Cook Lloyd!

The Third Winner Drawn is.....  Candace Kelly!

Congratulations to all of the winners!!!!

And to those of you who weren't drawn this time around, first let me say thank you all so very much for participating! I genuinely wish that I could have had enough prizes to give to every single person who entered. But unfortunately, unlike Mr Bill Gates and Mr Warren Buffett, I do have a limited amount of funds to work with. lol

I do hope to have more giveaways here on the blog in the future, so there will be other opportunities down the road for people to win something. I can't guarantee that the prize packages will be quite as abundant as these "first ever" giveaway prizes, but I can promise you that they will be chosen with great care and with the hopes that they'll truly show my continued appreciation to any and all who might enter to win them.

Thank you to all who entered! You've made my very first giveaway a fun and happy learning experience for me!

To the winners.... Enjoy your prizes!!!


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