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This is a little explanation about why I have such a passion for cooking (and for food in general) and why I admire the fascinating women who have forged a trail for female chefs in the culinary world. The series is small with only two "women in food" showcased, (so far) but I hope to continue to write about these women and to share a bit about them and maybe a bit more about me as well, with you in the future.

So first, here's just a little bit about moi!

From the time that I was maybe about 10 years old, I've been pretty much obsessed with all things food and with the idea of cooking and entertaining. I truly thought that one day, I would be a professional chef, but as you're about to find out, things didn't exactly go as I had once planned...

Once upon a time, way back in the dark ages, a plan was set in place for me to graduate early from high school and head off to begin my training at The CIA. No, not that CIA.  I'm talking about The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park NY.  In spite of a two year waiting list and some very strict admissions criteria, I had been lucky enough to have landed a coveted spot on the freshman roster for the following semester.  (In case you're not familiar with it, The CIA is one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world and has produced a long list of some of the most celebrated chefs of our time.)

Well... As is the case in life, things don't always happen the way we want them to and my already skeptical parents had a change of heart. Just three months before I was supposed to start school, they decided that becoming a professional chef was not really the best career choice for their baby girl. You see, way back in the seventies there were very few women with prestigious (or lucrative) positions in the culinary world and the majority of female chefs were lucky if they were able to land jobs in low level positions in mediocre restaurants or maybe little known resort hotels and cruise ships. Achieving the "celebrity" status of women like Julia Child and Alice Waters was extremely rare and even though women have made incredible strides in the world of food today, it's still very much a male dominated profession.

So, since I have tremendous respect for the women who've worked their butts off and made a mark in the culinary world today, as a kind of personal tribute, I've decided to do this series of posts featuring some of these amazing ladies, called "Women In Food".

I'd love to hear your opinions and suggestions regarding this series, so please leave a comment here or on any of the individual posts. If there's a particular "woman in food" that you'd like me to showcase in this series, I'd be more than happy to consider any submissions.

Thanks for stopping by!

Just click on the links below to go to the featured posts for each chef.

1. Alex Guarnaschelli

2. Anne Burrell

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