Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another Bad Spell AND Something To Ponder

Hello Friends,

First.... Many, many thanks to everyone for such a wonderful and heart-felt welcome back to the blogosphere. You guys truly are the best of the best!  I just hope that you'll accept my apologies (yet again... sigh) for the amount of time that it's taking for me to get back into the swing of things. I've been a bit slow adjusting to some new medications, including dealing with a few of the (hopefully temporary) negative side effects that come along with the benefits they provide. It's a mind numbingly slow process getting back into some sort of day to day rhythm, but I remain cautiously optomistic. At the moment, the word "Lupus" is being tossed around. I don't even know how to wrap my brain around that one.

Over the years it's become quite clear to me that just when I think I'm finally in a better place with my health, well...  you know the drill, right?  Murphy's Law and all that. With the way that my luck's been running lately, I probably jinxed myself  in my last post. Hmph! I suppose I should make a concerted effort in future posts to avoid mentioning that I'm feeling better or that I'm actually functioning. ;~) Recovering from a bad spell is not only extremely inconvenient and physically unpleasant... It's beyond frustrating.  I guess the best way to describe it is to say that it can leave you feeling like you've been grabbed by the shoulders and tossed (rather unceremoniously) into this kind of "limbo" where you start to see yourself as, well... useless.  Some days you feel as if you've lost your purpose for being here. Then, as if to add insult to injury, nobody ever warns you about this sad little reality. You just have to (hopefully) learn how to deal with it as you live it.

Some of what I've learned between my own experience and from meeting other folks who live this life, is that the primary goal when diagnosed with a chronic illness is to reach a place where you can 1) accept your limitations and 2) be at peace with the idea that life as you've known it has been forever altered. The next goal that you should strive for is to be able to consciously choose to make the best out of what you've been dealt, in order to live life to the best of your ability. Frankly that's what I'm attempting to do... but sometimes the fates simply don't appreciate any of the progress that I make.  Hmph!

So... Where do I go from here?  Well, considering the above apology and my recent long absence(s) from the blog, what I'm about to say might have you scratching your heads, wondering if I've totally lost it. BUT,  believe it or not, I've been considering starting a second blog. Yes, you read that correctly. I'm sure the majority of you are thinking "What?? Has she totally stepped off the edge? Is she seriously going to attempt to handle a second blog when she can barely post regularly to this one?"

OK. I don't blame you. But here's the thing... When I started thinking about it, I kept coming back to the way my life has been lately. Because my health has been less than stellar in recent months, I haven't been cooking much. (if at all)  For this reason, I really don't have many recipes or pictures of recipes to post.  Aaaand, since this has basically been a "food blog" from it's inception, that silly little detail leaves me a bit lacking when it comes to posting material. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it could be possible to also do something more in line with my "old" blog format, which was more of a journal style or personal blog. Sans the "heart-felt letters", of course. (If you aren't familiar with my "previous blog life" or if you just got to know me when "Go Ahead Take A Bite" was launched and have no idea what I mean by that last remark, trust me... it's better that way. LOL)

Anywhooo, All things being what they are and even though I've sort of started the process of creating a second blog, it's by no means a done deal as of this post. And, because I truly value and appreciate the feedback that I receive from all of you, if  anyone has comments, suggestions, or an opinion on the matter, I certainly welcome them with open arms (and ears).  I promise that I'll happily take all thoughts under careful consideration.  Also, even if I do start a new/second blog, I still plan to keep this blog active and to continue to post recipes and other things food related. Just not as often. (Well, at least not right away)

Finally, since I do have a couple of photos (and the recipe) from one of the few meals that I (with my awesome hubby's collaboration) actually prepared over the summer, I've posted it today. (This one's for you, George) It's a grill/barbecue recipe and generally suited more for summertime cooking, but since many parts of the country are still experiencing relatively mild temperatures, most everyone should be able to prepare and enjoy it on their outdoor grill or smoker. Plus, it can also be prepared in the oven with pretty similar results as well.

Please scroll down to the previous post (or click here) for the rib recipe!

That's all for today folks! Have a blessed day and a great weekend!



  1. I think another blog is an inspired idea! Why feel frustrated by not being able to cook and write about it when you can write about another passion??? Share your experiences, form a community, and invest all your love and talent into a new creative enterprise!!!

  2. Thanks Mary! I really do want to keep this blog alive, no matter what I decide to do in "other" directions, but I have missed some aspects of the older blog that I had.

    I also want to say just how much I always appreciate your steadfast advice and support, my friend. You're a real mensch! :~)



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