Thursday, February 16, 2012

I've Received A Lovely Award!

Hiya Kids! Sorry I've been MIA for a bit. Between all that was going on with our friend's dad's wake and funeral and the two+ day migraine that hit me late Monday night, I've been flat out. Unfortunately, that also meant there was no romantic day or dinner for us on Valentine's Day. I'm not even really sure what hubbs ate for dinner that night, cuz I was holed up in a dark bedroom, doing my best to try and keep the migraine meds down. Yeah... good times.

Anywhooo, I did get a chance to check in here a couple of times (when I could open my eyes enough to see straight - computer screens and migraines don't mix well) and the other day I found a wonderful surprise!  A new blog friend has given me the Versatile Blogger Award! Her name is Susie and her blog is Little Susie Home Maker. Thank you Susie!

She's an absolute sweetheart and her blog is a lovely account of her life with her family. She sews, crochets and cooks beautifully and is a loving wife and mom to both her human and her furry kids. She also keeps chickens! Yup! Lovely, farm fresh egg laying pullets and a couple of handsome roosters. Since we've "met" here in cyberspace, we've found that we have quite a few things in common. Not the crafty part, though. (Pssst... I do have a wee little secret that I haven't shared with her yet, but I'll let that cat out of the bag in my "Seven Random Things About Me", below.) So, please make sure to pop on over and say hello to Susie when you get a chance. I promise you that you'll be happy you did.

So, without further ado...  Here are the rules:

  1. Add the award to your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you.
  3. Mention seven random things about yourself. (see below)
  4. List the rules.
  5. Award to 15 bloggers.
  6. Inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog.

I tend to be a little unconventional when it comes to some of the rules attached to awards. It's not that I'm being rebellious. It's just that with my crazy health issues and the way they affect me, I'm lucky most weeks to just be able to get a couple of passable posts out. So, instead of the 15 blogs that the rules say the award should be passed on to, I've decided to choose 5 of the "new" folks that I've been meeting through the Linky Followers hop. I've been looking forward to getting to know all of these new friends better and this will give me a chance to pop back over for a visit to let them know that I'm passing it on to them.  The 5 that I've chosen are blogs that I've had a little bit of time to peruse already. Some have been around for a while and some are newer to the blogosphere. Stop by and say hello to these fine folks and I think you'll find them just as lovely as I have.

First though, I need to fill you in on some facts about me that you might not know.

1) I have hyper-extended knees. Huh? Well, all that really means is that when I stand up straight and relax my knees, they "lock" into position a wee bit further back than most people's. It's not rare, but it isn't exactly common either. It's usually most common among ballet dancers (no, I don't dance) from the years and years of grueling leg work that's required to achieve the perfect form. I was just born this way. An orthopedic surgeon once told me that people with hyper-extension are usually excellent swimmers. (that part is true in my case)

2) I spent my childhood summers at a local lake, and used to swim across it at least once each summer. (about 5 miles and yes, we had a row boat right along side the whole way)

3) My very first background for this blog when I began writing it was the same one that Susie uses on her blog! Coincidence? I think not! I have a picture to prove it too:

4) I am a first generation American. (100% Irish - did the name give it away?)

5) I hate Sushi. Hubby loves it and so does our daughter, but I just can't wrap my brain (or my taste buds) around it. I do love liver and sweetbreads though, (cooked thoroughly, of course) so I'm sure most people would assume that I'd eat just about anything.

6) I've been to Canada well over twenty times. We live about three and a half hours from the Canadian border, so it's not a long trip to Montreal. It's kind of like being able to drive to Paris. Hubbs and I honeymooned there. I've also been to Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec City. (and many small towns and cities in between) I have yet to visit the West Coast of Canada, but would love to at some point.

7) Hubbs and I had lunch with George (HW) and Barbara Bush and former UK Prime Minister, John Major in Maine. I'll explain that another time.

OK... Now, it's time for the blogs that I'm passing this lovely award on to (in no particular order):

Mlissabeth at Hooks, Lines and Singers

Sherry at Decorating With CENTS

Tammy at Lucky Emerald's Reviews (and a pinch of life)

Carolyn at The Patchwork Ark

Elena at 'a Casarella

Please do stop by and visit Susie and the rest of these lovely ladies!  They all have something wonderful to offer and they all do it with true bloggy style. One of the things I've learned through the years is that bloggers are some of the kindest, most welcoming folks I know and let's face it, we all love meeting new friends!

I'll be posting a recipe for one of Hubby's favorites later tonight, so be sure to stop on over tomorrow morning for my Clubhouse Chicken!


  1. Wow, that Susie sounds pretty cool! Hyper-extended knees, doesn't sound like fun.. Strong swimmer, now that's great! I am not a strong swimmer.. First background, very nice, go back to it (just kidding),.. 1st generation American, that is neat! I am a 3rd generation Colorado native both sides, but only part Irish,.. I tried Sushi one time and was so sick from it all night long, have never wanted to do that again, but it tasted good.. I want to hear more about your drives to Paris.. And of course I often dine with the president and prime minister myself, oh wait, that was a dream!
    Okay, all jokes aside, you are an awesome woman with an awesome blog! The fact that you check it even in the middle of a Valentine's Day Migraine, attests to that! Wow!
    Thank you so much for your lovely review of my blog, I can't wait to meet the 5 blogs you are passing the award along.
    You deserve the best and pray you many more happy blogging experiences, and a blessed life.
    Little Susie Home Maker :)

  2. Congrats!! You deserve it. I'll tell you a funny coincidence...when I worked at the cheese/gourmet food shop for a year, (the job I left in November) my boss's name was Mary Sullivan _____.

  3. Are you kidding? Thank you so much! I'm so excited that I feel like I've won an Oscar. (Which means I'm woefully under-dressed ;) Anyway, I have a couple of room-mom tasks that must be taken care of this afternoon. After that I pick up the wee-ones. Once they're snacked up and doing homework I'm going to sit down and pay it forward. Again, Mary, thank you! :) Elena

  4. Thank you for the award, Mary. I just in the last week received two of the same award, so I am going to thank all three of you on my blog with an updated post, and have the first 15 bloggers I passed on the award to remain the same for all three. I am pretty sure you will understand.

  5. Mary, thanks so much for thinking enough of my blog to honor me with this award. I do appreciate your thought and kind words!

  6. well congrats to you..and nice to meet you too. i think the politician dinner is a rare event!!
    i love your chicken recipe!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  7. Well, no wonder I love ya - we all know I don't eat sushi either! Loved learning more about you (I'm 1/4 Irish, my paternal grandmother came here from County Cork) ... the kind of stuff we'd chat about if we could find ourselves cooking in the same kitchen ... :)


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