Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blogger/Captcha ALERT!!!

Just thought I'd let everyone know that there's an issue with word verification or "Captcha" in Blogger. If you are running into word verification on blogs where you never remember it being turned on before, it's probably not intentional.

I was totally unaware that my blog had "Captcha" on for , well... who knows how long. The only way that I found out was by going into my settings to do something else and I noticed that it was on. I haven't intentionally turned it on... EVER! I have turned mine off 3 times (so far) and it keeps resetting to on. I've been checking it every other day or so, to make sure it's off.

What's even more frustrating is that you can't see whether it's on or not when you leave a reply or make a comment on your own blog, because WV does not show up on Blogger blogs for the blog owner.

Apparently, it's happening to people who are using the new blogger interface. Changing back to the old interface seems to solve the problem for now, but Blogger is supposed to switch everyone over to the new interface at some point. I have no idea what will happen then.

It seems there have been open issues on the Blogger/Google support site for a couple of months. One of the experts who frequently answers questions there, has responded to several of those complaining about it. This is what he's been saying in one thread:

Person asking the question:
Everytime I click on save settings to disable my word verification on my blog as soon as I return to the settings it is enabled again. I don't ever want word verification to show up. Is there a way to fix this? I tried going back to the Old blogger setting but that did not resolve the issue.

Person Replying:
You have to disable word verification from the Classic GUI - then remain in the Classic GUI.  If you return to the New GUI, word verification gets re enabled.

Person asking the question:
Thanks, Any idea what happens when blogger makes the new GUI permanent?

Person Replying:
Until they solve this problem, and / or make a CAPTCHA that actual people can use, we hope not so soon.

Did you disable the CAPTCHA successfully?  If so, what did you end up doing?

Person asking the question:
I'm just going to continue to use the old GUI for now. It's keeping it disabled. Some of my readers have said that when they try to comment with the captcha it won't even come up so they can't leave a comment at all. It's pretty disappointing.

Person Replying:
That's probably wise - though unfortunate.

Person asking the question:
Thanks for the update.

Here's a link to more about this:!searchin/blogger/word$20verification/blogger/eEdnTfGcpIo/qB3IOeUh7e8J

If you aren't sure whether you have the old Blogger interface or the new one, then you probably still have the old one. I'll show you a picture of the dashboard from each one, just in case.

This is what your dashboard looks like with the OLD interface:

This is the what it looks like with the NEW interface:


  1. Blogger just switched me over. I have no idea if I have Captcha or not...I'm having a hard enough time finding my dashboard. I'm sure I'll get used to it soon...then I'll investigate security. Oh dear...change is never easy.

  2. I've had to reset several times myself. It's a total pain in the backside!


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