Sunday, March 9, 2014

Time For More Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

Hello friends....
(Before we begin, I want to let you know right up front that even though there isn't a recipe in this post, you really might want to make sure and read it all the way through... just sayin')

Since the time changed over just few hours ago here on the East Coast, I figured it would be a perfect time to post about some changes going on around here as well.

Depending on when it is that you're reading this, then you likely just arrived on a very different looking blog and you probably thought/did one of the following:

1) Knew right away that I'd been bitten by the old "blog re-design bug" and never had any doubt that you were in the right place.

2) Intended to come by and see what I was up to and somehow accidentally ended up on the wrong blog but figured what the heck... why not stick around to see if there's anything interesting here.

3) Never really noticed the old graphics and/or layout and just went straight to the side bar to look for a favorite recipe.  OR,

4) Have never been here before and just assumed that this is what the blog has always looked like.

To be honest, it isn't as important to me how you arrived here. I'm just really happy that you did! So, what's with all of the ch-ch-ch-changes? Well, as much as I'd come to think of the old design as a familiar and comfortable space for me to share my recipes and my life with all of you, something has been nagging at me to implement a new look and feel to the blog for a while, now. With all of the changes that have occurred in my "off-line" life over the last 12 to 18 months and the long absences from the blog that have followed, I recently made a commitment (to myself) to try to get back to more regular blogging.

Those of you who've known me for a while, are already aware that it's been a somewhat crazy and (at certain times) pretty life altering year and a half or so, for me. But for those of you who are new to Go Ahead... Take a Bite! or an old friend who'd just like to refresh your memory, you can read about some of what went on during that stretch of time HERE and HERE.

OK... Now that we've firmly established that you have reached Go Ahead... Take A Bite! and that it's still the same old me, (emphasis on "old" by the way) why not grab a cuppa somethin' and relax, while you check out the new digs ~ and maybe peruse a recipe or two.

If, however, you're pretty sure that you've already seen most of the recipes here that might interest you, I can assure you that I have a nice little queue of new posts in the hopper, just waiting for some finishing touches. And since I'm in a telling mood, I suppose I could also let you in on a little secret about a surprise that's coming up in a few weeks!

What's that?  Oh, gosh... I don't know if I should say exactly what tha.. um, I'm sorry? I didn't quite hear wh... Oh. I see. You'd like to know if I could give you just a teensy little hint?

Well, since we are old friends and all, I could tell you a little something about it. Let's see... what can I divulge? hmmm. Oh! I know! It's something that I've never actually done here at GATAB before. So, how's that?

What? Whaddaya' mean, that isn't enou... Well, I... But, if I tell you more than that, then it won't be much of a surprise anymore, will it?

Oh, what the heck. I'll spill the beans! But,

There's just one tiny little thing that I have to ask of you, before I divulge anything more. You simply must promise me that what I'm about to tell you, will not go any further than this conversation, OK?

OK. Good. Now, come in a little closer to your monitor, or phone, or tablet, because I have to whisper this. Uh huh, now just a wee bit more... You're almost there...

Ahem... Drum roll, please.
I'm having my very first giveaway!!!!

Yup! That's right!

Finally, right? And all you have to do for the time being, is keep checking back here between now and the 20th of March, because I'll be adding new info and details about the giveaway to my upcoming posts. Of course, there will also be photos of the prizes!

That's right.... That's prize(s). And did I mention yet, that there will be more than one winner of those prizes?

I mean, what kind of "first ever" giveaway would this be, if I didn't go all out? I mean, after all the years that I've been blogging without ever having one single giveaway, I'd say that it's imperitive that I do this up right, right? And... the prizes that I've chosen should be just perfect (and just in time) for all of you fabulous foodies who love to entertain during the Spring and Summer months!

Alright. I think I've spilled enough of those beans for now. so keep on checking back, or better yet... why not subscribe to GATAB by email, or through your favorite reader (if you haven't done so already) so you'll be sure not to miss any important updates. Not to mention, all of the new recipes that are coming up!

Oh... and since I'm in such a giving mood, you can go ahead and tell your friends about it, too. It really wouldn't be very fair of me to make you keep it to yourself, now would it?

See ya' back here soon!


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  1. Always happy to see a new post. And you are doing a giveaway... with PRIZES (plural)... impressive!!!

    I like the look of your new design. You are so clever. Maybe you can help me spiff up my page if you are ever bored and want to try something new!

    1. I'd say that it's well past time that I did something a little special & exciting around here, Rob. LOL I'd be happy to help with any updates or changes that you'd like to try out! I love puttering around with graphics & photo editing programs. I could work with graphics that you've chosen, or do a few things on my own and send them to you to check out. If you have stuff you'd like me to work with, you can email it to me, etc. Just let me know! xoxo

  2. THERE YOU ARE! I've been missing you bunches. Glad you're back and preparing to do full steam ahead, Oooo, this puts me down the page near the Ultimate Margarita Chicken with Tequila Lime Vinaigrette... so see ya, I'm off to copy it and make it! Yeah yeah, you come first, really - but.. your recipes ARE 'da bomb, after all!

    1. LOL! You're too funny,Nan! (which is just one of the many reasons why I love you!) If you want an awesome chicken dish, I would highly recommend the Grilled Chicken and Asparagus Provencal. I make it as often as I can and we NEVER get tired of it. You could alter ingredients to some extent if needed, but it's really got lots of healthy stuff in it and a great balance of flavor & texture. I could seriously eat the sauce with a spoon. lol Super easy, too. Hope you enjoy the Margarita Chicken! It's pretty tasty too. ((Hugs))

  3. I just KNOW I'm out of my mind, but that's the most comfortable place for me to be right now!!! Hey, girl!!! I've been on a mini vacay from blogging. So much going on in "real life" that I just had to put my blogging on hold for a bit. I'm so happy to at least be back checking in on some of my favorites. I see that you have been uber busy!!! The new look is fabulous!

    I'm sure you had a blowout of a St. Patrick's Day celebration!!! We didn't do much this year. I am dragging my leg around in a fracture boot while trying to prepare for my Mom's 85th birthday luncheon this coming weekend. So much to do and so little time to attend to the minutiae.

    You would be so proud of me. I cook 3 meals a day anyway, but I have started to try new stuff including some of your fun recipes! I put my own twist on some, follow others to the letter. We've been eatin' GOOD 'round here! I'll be trying that asparagus & bacon quiche when asparagus goes on sale again. This is the time of year for those tender stalks!!

    Count me in on the drawing!!! I wanna win something! I NEED to win something!!! :-)

    Have a great week, and I hope to be back on the regular blogging circuit after Mom's birthday!

    1. I've got a couple of your last few posts bookmarked to read, so I'll be catching up too. Just getting the photos of the prizes finished up and the giveaway post(s) will be going up! There will be directions for entering and for getting extra entries for each of the prizes, so be sure to keep checking back! :) Glad you're on the mend, pretty lady! XOXO


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