Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Big News! We've Moved! (The blog, that is!)

Go Ahead... Take A Bite! has a new web address! I've purchased my own domain and the new address is not very different from the old one. I've just dropped the "blogspot" part of the URL and it is now...


(Of course the dots aren't spelled out in the actual web URL. I just didn't want to turn it into a clickable link when I wrote it out.)

And there's no need to be concerned about security or service with this change of domains, because it is a Google domain and is as safe as ever. Google is actually the "parent" of my old "blogspot" domain as it is for all "Blogger" blogs.

Now, I have to ask a very big favor! If you came here by way of the old link in your email or reader subscription and got a "redirect" notice; First, let me say Thank You for reading it thoroughly, trusting that I would never misdirect you and clicking "Yes" to be redirected. And second, I might need to ask you to re-subscribe under the new address/feed.

I use the word might, because I'm still trying to find out of my subscription service can/will move all of my RSS and email readers over to the new address for me. I should have an answer soon and will post it here and on Facebook as soon as I do.

Knowing all of you for as long as I have, I already know the answer to this one final request... but I very humbly and gratefully ask for your patience while I get all of the bits and pieces, like social media, updated. I'm about half way there already, so it shouldn't take long.

Well, I'm off to get it all set up, so I'll be seeing you soon!


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