Monday, May 6, 2013

The Side Board ~ Steakhouse Spinach

This is a really quick and easy recipe. We call it "steakhouse spinach" but I think the original recipe is called creamed spinach casserole or something similar. We call it what we do, because there isn't any "cream" in it, but it would remind you of the creamed spinach that you get at high-end steakhouses like Ruth's Chris or Hy's. We had it with prime rib and oven roasted potato wedges for this year's New Years Eve dinner.

I think the recipe originated from one of the "brand recipe" cookbooks or possibly from the back of a box. If I had to guess, I'd say it probably came from the folks who make Lipton Onion Soup, because it's the one ingredient in this dish that's pretty well known. It takes only about 30 minutes from start to finish to prepare, so it's a fantastic last minute side dish for steak and other meats.

It also makes an awesome hot dip for bread or crackers. I keep a couple of boxes of frozen chopped spinach on hand at all times, just for that reason.

Steakhouse Spinach
  • 2 14oz Boxes Frozen Chopped Spinach, thawed and really well drained
  • 2 Cups Sour Cream
  • 1 Packet Onion Soup Mix (Lipton or your favorite brand)
  • 2 Cups Sharp Cheddar Cheese, shredded ~ plus...
  • 1 Cup Sharp Cheddar, shredded (for the top)
  • Salt & Pepper
Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees F

Once the spinach has thawed, remove it from the packages and place it in a large strainer or fine colander and press or squeeze as much of the liquid out as you possibly can. If you fail to get all of the liquid out, you'll end up with a watery casserole and that's not at all appetizing.

If your spinach is still a little frozen, you can run it under warm water, breaking it up with your fingers or a fork as you do. I'll even thaw it out like this straight from the freezer when I'm really pressed for time. (Don't forget to squeeze out all of the liquid before continuing with the recipe)

You might actually be surprised by the amount of liquid that comes out of it.

I've found that some of the store brand or generic onion soup mixes are a bit bland compared to the Lipton brand. On the rare occasion when that's all I have in the pantry, I'll use one and a half packets of the mix.

Combine all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl. (except the 3rd cup of cheese) Season with a little salt and pepper.

Turn the mixture out into a deep sided casserole dish. (no need to grease the pan)

Sprinkle the final third of a cup of cheese over the top. Bake, uncovered, in your pre-heated oven for 20 to 25 minutes, or until it's golden brown and bubbly all over.

Serve it with a thick juicy strip steak, prime rib, chicken, pork or any other meat that you like. Or, serve it as a hot dip with crusty bread or crackers. Any way you serve it, it's downright addictive, so make a double batch if you have a crowd of hungry folks to feed. It's even good left over and reheated in the microwave... if you have any left over, that is. :~)



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  1. Mary - I was so glad to read that this recipe calls for sour cream and not mayonnaise (I do not like mayonnaise!!). Thanks for sharing!!

    1. You're welcome, Diane! I understand. Even though I do like mayo, I'm kinda particular about dishes that call for it, that are cooked and/or served hot. Especially if it's the only or main "binder". And in recipes that use say, a quarter cup or less, the mayo can usually be omitted entirely or something else can be substitute. Let me know if you try it, OK? :~)

  2. Pinning this as fast as my fingers can fly!!!! I just recently became a fan of creamed spinach. Hmmmm...can I use fresh spinach instead of frozen? I keep lots of fresh spinach around for spinach salads EVERY day for my husband. If I use fresh, do you think I need to cook it first?

    1. LOL! Thanks, Alycia! Yes, you can use fresh spinach and yes, it should be cooked first. But not much. I would give it a rough chop (especially if it's mature/large leaves of spinach) and either steam or saute' it for a few minutes... just until it wilts down a bit and starts to express some moisture. Also, remove any thick stems. Then, let it cool down enough to handle and press out as much liquid as you can with some paper towels or a clean tea towel, before you assemble the dish. You want it to be as "dry" as it looks in my photo, above.

      You'll have to let me know how it turns out! XOXO

    2. THANK YOU!!!!! I'm going to give it a whirl! I use the baby spinach in the bags, but I'll still take off those pesky little stems. They bug me! This is going to be good!!! I'll try to remember to take a pic!

    3. Baby spinach sounds perfect! Please do take pics, if you can. I'd love to see them! xoxo

  3. I would soooo love spinach 'dressed up' with these great ingredients. I do love it, and recently enjoyed it (inside a portabello mushroom) when we went out to eat. Thanks so much for sharing at Weekend Potluck. So glad you linked back too. Please come again soon.

    1. Oooh! What a fantastic idea! It would be great as a mushroom stuffing... especially in a portabello! Thanks for the excellent tip and thanks so much for hosting the party, too! Have an awesome Mother's Day!

  4. Hi Mary! I love spinach and I am going to try this recipe soon. Thank you for sharing! Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving! xox


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