Sunday, July 6, 2014

The GATAB 2014 Summer Fun Giveaway Is Now ***Closed***!

UPDATE: Yay! I'm extending the entry dates... Please see the change at the end of the post. Thanks!

Well, folks... the time has finally arrived! I know. It sure took long enough, right? Well... I'm not going to go into all of the details, but let's start by saying that as usual, life, Lupus, menopause and being on the road for a visit with the daughter-child (who's going to be making us first time grandparents in December, by the way!!!) and then a stop to spend a bit of time with some much beloved in-laws, made for a much busier early Summer than I had ever expected.

But, I digress... let's get to the giveaway, shall we?!

In all of the years that I've been blogging, I've never done a giveaway before. Can you believe it? I got to thinking about it over the very long, horrid Winter we had here in the Northeast and I realized that my cyber friends and family really deserved to know how very much I appreciate them.

And how truly grateful I am that so many of you (you know who you are) have faithfully and lovingly stuck it out with me throughout this crazy ride we call life.

You've waited patiently through some long and often times, unplanned absences; listened to my whining and virtually dried my tears and cheered me on, while I helplessly (and far too often, hopelessly) searched for some kind of answers to what it was that has been ruling my life and making me so sick and so miserable, for sooo very long.

So, thank you! Thank you all... from the bottom of my broken (medically, not emotionally) heart and my eternally grateful soul. This giveaway is inspired by, in honor of and for, all of YOU!

OK... The Official Rules are simple:

Leave me a comment, telling me which prize package you'd most like to win and why you'd like to win it. (the packages are numbered 1, 2 and 3 in the photo at the top of this post above and I'll provide links to each individual post that describes each package, below) You can leave your comment in any one of the following places:

1) here on the blog (in the comments below), or

2) GATAB's Facebook page, or

3) Google Plus, or

4) Twitter, or

5) in the comments section under this Youtube video.

(just click the words that are underlined and highlighted in blue or red in the lines above, to be redirected to that particular option - they'll turn pink when your curser is over them)

You must be at least 18 years old to enter and you must follow the official rules above before you go for any of the additional entries!


Now here comes the part that looks complicated, but really isn't. LOL

You do not have to follow the steps below to enter! They are totally optional

There are some additional ways to get more entries into the drawing and they are totally optional. But... the more entries you make, the more chances you have to win! Here are a few ways (if you haven't already done them in the past) for you to obtain additional entries: You'll receive one extra entry for each thing that you complete from this list.
  • "Like" the Go Ahead... Take A Bite! page on Facebook
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Follow me on Pinterest
  • Add me to your circles on Google Plus
  • Share the giveaway post on Facebook
  • If you have a blog, you can share any of the prize package posts or this final post on your blog. (all 3 pkgs have blog share grab buttons that you can use, located in the side bar)
  • If you have a Youtube Channel you can also share that I'm having the giveaway and notify me in a comment here or on this Official Giveaway Video.
  • Share the Official Giveaway Video on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or other social media. 
IMPORTANT!! If you choose to go for any (or all!) of the additional entries, please let me know that you have done so {and which of these things you've done}in a comment here in the blog comments, on Facebook, or on Youtube, in order for me to verify that you have done it, so that I can keep track of any extra entries for you!

The giveaway begins (now) 
Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 12:00 midnight

Entries will NOT be accepted AFTER Friday, July 18, 2014 at 11:59 pm
The new final date for entries to be accepted is: Friday August 1, 2014 at 11:59pm EDT

The drawing will take place on Sunday, August 3, 2014 and the winners will be announced here on the blog and subsequent social media on Monday, August 4, 2014 some time after 12:00 noon.

Unfortunately, due to the skyrocketing cost of international shipping and the weight of each prize package, I can not accept entries for this giveaway from anyone living outside of the United States and Canada. I will hopefully be doing another giveaway in the not too distant future, where I can work out an international option. I'm so very sorry.

You can click on the title of any of the photos below to take you to the post where you'll find a complete list and individual photos of what is included in that particular package.

Prize Package # 1

Prize Package # 2

Prize Package # 3

Good Luck To Everyone Who Enters!!!

** Disclosure: All items included in the three prize packages were purchased by me, personally. None of the items have been given to me by a sponsor, nor have I been asked or compensated by any individual or company to do this giveway.


  1. First, Mary, I have to say that your generosity is overwhelming. As in woah. It is so incredibly thoughtful of you to do this (especially with everything that I know you have going on). I will try to remember when I am on Facebook to like your page and share the news of the giveaway. If/when I do I will send you a message there so that you know. I don't tweet and haven't been sucked into Pininterest.

    I asked mom what she thought about the various prize packs and she says that she prefers the first one. Our every day dishes are so heavy that I think she would just be happier having something lighter! Ha! So, put me in the drawing for the melamine.

    1. Thanks, Rob! Consider yourself (very happily) entered! Don't worry about hitting every one of the social media sites listed. Your comment here officially entered you in the giveaway and all the rest are (optional) additional entry opportunities. If you like the FB page, that's two entries and then if you share the giveaway on your FB page, that's three chances right there!

      I actually know how your Mom feels sometimes. LOL Much to T's dismay, I've always had a "thing" for dishes and have a boatload of different patterns and styles in storage. (I know... big surprise, right? lol) The ones that I'm using right now for "every day" are heavy white ironstone and I've reached the point where I'm getting tired of lugging them in and out of the cupboards & the dishwasher, etc. Hmmm... I never thought I'd say that. Ha! Good luck with the contest, girl! I wish I could afford to give something to everyone in this great big cyber family. I really do. But, I guess these three packages will just have to do. :) Take care, kiddo! Don't forget to come on back & tell me if/when you do any of those other steps, OK? xoxo

  2. I would like to win any of the packages, but I think I like #2 the best because everything would match my kitchen perfectly!

    1. That's five by my count, Hannah! Thanks for entering and Good Luck!

  3. I liked your page on facebook as Dandi Daffyhill.

  4. I followed you on Pinterest as Dandi Daffyhill.

  5. That's a lotta rules, sister!!! I feel like I'm back in Catholic grade school with mean Sister Rita! :-) No, wait...I take that back. Sister Rita was an absolute ogre. You're a nice person...with a lot of rules!!!!!!!!! :-)

    OK, so I think I already follow you on some of this stuff. I don't really know. I don't understand half of it! Twitter...what's that all about? I know I have a Twitter account, but I have NO idea how to use it! And the Google+ clue what that's all about, either. AND I still use a flip phone, so I guess my knowledge of technological advances will pretty much stay in the 90s forever! :-)

    I'd like to win Prize Package #1 because it's very colorful, and I'm kind of a colorful person. It's got the bandanas going on, and since I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock n' roll, it's perfect for me! I'm really into melamine because of its great versatility and its durability for clumsy Dr. Nichols. The other reason I'd like Prize Package #1 is because it's all about the table and not the cooking! You KNOW I'm just so-so at the cooking! While my husband would be VERY happy for me to have Prize Packages 2 or 3, #1 seems more well-suited. :-)

    OK...scurrying off to try and figure out the Twitter situation! Have a great week!

    1. LOL! OMG.... You totally crack me up, girl. All that stuff after the "leave me a comment" part is purely optional to get additional entries, so technically the rules are simple. It's just the additional entries that take a few steps more. Ha! OK, so of course doing the extra stuff gives you more chances at winning, but I didn't make them mandatory so people who don't have a Twitter or Pinterest or G+ account, etc. could still just leave a comment and be in it to win it! Just think of how much technology you learned tonight!! HaHaHa! If you really think about it, I helped to ease you into the 21st century!

      I thought you'd go for #1, being the awesome tablescaper that you are. I can only imagine what you'd do with it if you won. I know it would be simply gorge-wah! Thanks for entering, even if it was a little stressful figuring it all out - and good luck! xoxo

  6. OK, Ramon helped me with the Twitter, and I think I'm following as KCTablescaper. And I was already following you on the Google+ and your FB page. I THOUGHT I was already following you on Pinterest, but it appears I wasn't, so....I am now. I'll try to remember how I shared it on my FB page last time. I think I remember. OK...Nichols OUT! Have a good Tuesday and pray we don't get swept away here. It is raining cats, dogs, and whistling wombats!

    1. OK! That's 3 entries! (four if you share it on your blog or on Facebook or... five if you share it on both!!!) Not too shabby for a gal who said she was totally tech challenged, right?! :) XO

  7. Sorry if I'm commenting twice but I do not see my first one
    Would love to win #1, just re did my kitchen and every in #1 would match!!!!

    1. Hi Diane! I didn't see another comment, but luckily this one made it! Consider yourself entered! Thanks and Best of Luck!!

  8. Hi Mary, Such a beautiful giveaway and the three people that win will certainly be very lucky! You're such a generous person! Much love to you! Hugs, Colleen xox :-)

    1. Aw, thanks, Colleen! I caught your comment on Youtube, so consider yourself entered! Much love, right backatchya! xoxo M.

  9. I shared your official giveaway video on facebook:

    1. Checked out the Facebook share and it's A-O-K! All of your entries are noted and numbered! Good Luck!

  10. Hi Mary! I would love to win giveaway #3. My baking pans are sad,old, and in need of replacement. I'm also sharing your giveaway on FB!

    Sue Gerth

  11. Hey Mary! I'm late here. Don't know why because I've been reading about this on FB! So, yes, I follow you on FB. I follow your blog and I just followed you on Twitter. Once I finish this comment, I'll share this on FB too. I would like #3 because I will give it to my daughter, who will be re-starting school at Johnson and Wales in September, to get her degree in...Baking! Who knew?

    Hope you are doing well, Mary. BTW, best St. Patrick's day meal I ever made all from your recipes!

    1. Everything is noted and numbered for the drawing, Liza! Good luck!

  12. Ooo, oooo, pick me, pick me! I'd like #3 because all my baking things are old and beat up and I need to replace with cool things like you picture up there! Let me see - I liked you on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, AND Google+ altho I'm rarely on any of them! I think they are all LBDDiaries. This is just too cool!! (this may be a duplicate comment)

    1. You're all set, Nan! All entries are noted and numbered! Good luck!


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