Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's Almost Giveaway Time!!! ***Officially Closed 8/2/14***

In case you haven't been checking in here on the blog, or on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or other social media, the dates for the giveaway were extended a while ago. But now, the time is finally "drawing" very near, folks!! The giveaway ends at 11:59pm EDT on Friday August 1, 2014!

To Enter: See the official rules in the post just before this one. Here's the link to that rules post, just in case you're coming from another location! Just click on it and you'll be taken right to it!

Official Rules for the 2014 Summer Fun Giveaway!

Please, remember to let me know in the form of a comment, either here on the blog, or on any of the other linked social media accounts if you've completed one or more of the extra entry tasks! If I don't know that you've done them, I can't count them as extra entries for you!

Good Luck To Everyone Who Enters!

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