Saturday, May 14, 2011

An Award? For Me?

Happy Saturday everyone!

I received a comment yesterday from the lovely Yenta Mary at one of my favorite blogs, Food Floozie, saying (much to my delight and surprise!) that she had given me an award!  The Versatile Blogger Award to be specific! I'm very flattered and honored that she thought of me when she was deciding who to pass it on to.

The Food Floozie blog is a virtual smorgasbord of delicious recipes, all perfectly seasoned with Mary's wisdom and wit. Along with posts about her life and her teenage son, she shares her thoughts on cooking and dining  from all points of the culinary spectrum and a vast array of cultures. She's a sassy single mom and a lover of all things food! Mary cares deeply about people and gives straight from the heart. So, stop over and say hello to Yenta Mary at the Food Floozie when you get the chance. You'll be so glad you did!  Thanks Mary!

Now for the rules:
  1. Leave a comment thanking the person who gave you the award and link back to them. 
  2. Tell seven things about yourself.
  3. Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers.
1. Check!
2. OK, I can do that!
3. Now, this is the hard part... As much as I love and appreciate it when I'm given an award, (I was blessed to have received many at my previous blog) time can be scarce in my "offline life"  and that leaves a small window of opportunity for me to spend time here. Frankly, I think every blogger deserves to receive an award just for authentically putting themselves out there into the blogosphere, but due to the limited time that I have and as the lovely lady who passed this on to me also chose, I'll be passing it on to 5 instead of 15.

Seven Things About Me:

1) I'm adopted. I have one older brother, also adopted. Our wonderful parents are no longer here with us and the two of us have a bit of a strained relationship, but we're working on it as best as we can. 

2) Mr B and I were blessed with two beautiful daughters. One is here with us and one is waiting for us in Heaven. Our eldest is 26 and our youngest would have been 11 this year. You never get over the loss of a child, but you get through your life in the best way that you can. With our faith our families and our friends, we grieve and we heal a little bit every day.  

3) I do not eat "fish" fish.  I love shellfish, (even raw oysters!) but anything with scales and gills is out of the question. I think I had some kind of childhood trauma or some kind of run-in with bones. I wish that I liked it though, because Mr B loves it. For the record, I do cook it for him. I just make chicken for myself. 

4) I know very few details about my biological history, but one thing I do know is that I am 100% Irish. I'm actually technically "first generation American". Let's just say that I was "planted" in Ireland and "bloomed" here in the U.S.  'nuff said. 

5) I have hyperextended knees. It's an odd thing where the joints in the knees (or elbows, fingers, etc.) extend beyond their "normal" extension. As an example, when I stand straight my knees bend back a few inches instead of locking in a straight-up position. It does cause back problems as you get older (which I have more than my fair share of) but on the up side, I'm told we make better swimmers and excellent ballerinas! LOL It's usually caused by an injury during one's life, but some people are born with it. I am one of those people. 

6) I have an almost obsessive crush on a dead man.  Maybe I should explain.... I love, love, love Cary Grant. I think he was the most elegant, handsome, charming man in the world. (ahem, uh, next to Mr B of course) He possessed the kind of class that transcends time. I've seen every movie he's ever made and just about every documentary or biography ever filmed about him. Can I just say, Swoooooooon! 

7) Aside from my own little home, my favorite place to be is Ogunquit Maine. Mr B and I have been going there for almost 30 years (geeze, that number doesn't seem possible, but it is) and I spent many a Summer vacation there with my parents, growing up. I can say with a good degree of certainty that I will never, ever get tired of it. We do travel to lots of other places too, but I'm pretty sure that I'd go through some major withdrawal if we missed our trip to Ogunquit each Fall. (If you happen to drop by here during the month of September, you'll see what I mean)

OK.... That being said, it's time to pass this award on to (5) other "newly discovered" blogs. Not that any of these blogs are "new" to the blogosphere, but they're all pretty new to me. Each one of them has something unique and special that makes their blog more than worthy of a follow. Please stop by and say hello to each of them when you have a little spare time and I'm sure you'll agree!  Here they are: (in no particular order)

Here's a little something for everyone!  Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh, are you ever the sweetest thing, bringing tears to my eyes with your lovely comments! I am so, so sorry for the loss of your daughter; my best friend lost her younger daughter 6 years ago to a genetic disease, at the age of 7. We visit her on her birthday each December and on the date of her death every July, and lots of times in between because she really is a sort of guardian angel to us. We believe fervently that she sends us messages, tries to counsel us ... we're just too obtuse to figure out what she's saying most of the time! And I adore Cary Grant ... sigh. You are a kindred spirit and soul, and I am SO thrilled to count you among my dear blogging buddies ... :)

  2. Mrs. B,
    Your very first, well deserved, award on your new blog!
    Have a great weekend, my friend.

  3. Your 7 things were very, very interesting! Thanks for the award! :D

  4. Yeah Mrs. B! Someday I would love to go to Maine.

    Go Irish!

  5. Yenta Mary: Aw, Mary... Now I've got a lump in my throat! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm so sorry for your friend's loss as well. What a special bond you have with her. When you visit her daughter I'd bet anything that you actually DO get what it is she is telling you. It may just show itself in a different way later on. (if that makes any sense?) My precious one is our guardian angel too. I've also felt a kinship with you from the start and I'm equally thrilled to count you as a friend! You have such a loving soul, Mary.

    cajunlicious: Thanks so much for following! I'll be popping over and following back!

    Shawn: So good to hear from you! I know you've had computer problems, but I've missed you, girl! Hope all is well with you and your family. I think we're overdue for a long chatty email, my dear! I'll be in touch!

    Mary: You're so very welcome! You deserve it. I always enjoy reading your posts. I don't know if you know this, but your journey is also a learning experience for your readers. I've learned things I wasn't taught and am reminded of things I'd forgotten as well. So, thank you for that!

    Sue: Thanks! I think you'd love Maine! Bud too! It's such a beautiful place and can be so peaceful, but loads of fun too! If you ever do decide to go, I can give you all the "deets"! If you ever want a sneak peek, I have pics on fb! ~ Go Irish all the way! Slainte Mhor!

  6. Thanks for stopping by Jessica, The Mom!

  7. Wow, thanks Mrs. B. I am always so grateful that people read my blogs and enjoy them. (You did know I have a few more blogs? If not, please check them out)
    Tamirisc and I will enjoy this together. Thank you!
    ~Naila Moon

    PS>My Dad is adopted too. There are a lot of people out there that want to give a lot if love to another. ;)

  8. Thanks so much for thinking of me and my blog - truly appreciated! Yankee Texan Mom


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