Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Its Award Time Here At GATAB!

Phew! That was one seriously busy holiday weekend!  The temps were up in the 90's with humidity to match, but I swore that after the long frigid Winter we had, I was NOT going to complain about the heat this Summer... Mr B and I did make some headway around here in our slightly late Summer preparations, so it was good all around.  OK.... Let's move on to some happy, happy news, shall we?

Yay! I've been given the very lovely "Good Blogger ~ Pay It Forward Award", by one of my bestest blog buddies, The Frisky Virgin!  I'm so thrilled that she chose me as one of the people she wanted to pass this on to!

If you don't already know FV, you really must go and pay her a visit. She's a sweet southern chick with a mighty sassy streak and she's a devoted (and I mean devoted) sports fan when it comes to all of her home state's teams! She's an accomplished slayer of all myths about single girls and she rocks it every time.

Her blog is warm, funny and smart, but is also serious and socially conscious when the circumstances call for it. This Texas truly gal has a heart as big as the state she hails from! So stop by and say Hey! to my BBF Frisky, real soon. I promise... You'll be so glad you did!
So.... On to the hard part. As much as I love receiving them, I'm always a little anxious when I'm given a blog award.  As with all awards, there are rules that come with them:

1) Name the Blogger who gave you the award. (see top of post)

2) Link to their blog. (also, see top of post)

3) Pay it forward to 5 Bloggers.

OK... So, number 3 is the part that tends to make me a little anxious. I have such a hard time deciding who to pass them on to. Not because I can't think of anyone who is deserving... Quite the contrary, actually. I have many dear friends here in the blogosphere, and it can be extremely difficult to choose just a few to pass an award on to....  That being said, my friend Frisky handled it so well that I'm going to steal her approach. (I don't think she'll mind) So, here's the deal. I've chosen 5 great blog friends that I'm listing here, but because I love you all so very much, I'm respectfully putting this award out there for everyone!

The 5 bloggers that I'm passing this on to... (in alphabetical order by their first name)

Cheri at  Cheri Quite Contrary

Liza at   Middle Passages

Mary at Food Floozie

Shawn at  The Beckers

Sue at   Aeracura ~ A Blossoming Life

Please take a few minutes to pop in and visit these 5 lovely ladies when you get a chance.  They're some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet and they've all been super-duper blog friends to me.  Let them know I sent ya!  Using my name might not win you a big fancy prize, but it will win you some fantastic new friends! I guarantee it! :~)

Mrs B


  1. Thank you Mrs. B! What a sweet way to start the week--you make me smile :)

  2. Congrats on your award! Well deserved indeed!

  3. Oh, are you ever a sweetheart! Thank you for the fabulously lovely start to my week ... :)

  4. Oh my gosh! I’ll say this is ironic... Of course, I couldn’t agree more with both the concept of “Good Bloggers Pay It Forward”, and YOU getting the award. Good thing it’s a BIG blogosphere out there—room for everyone’s brilliant ideas.

    Congrats on your well deserved award. I’ve already checked out the award creator’s site, and I’m off to see the others. ;-D

  5. I am humbled, thank you so much for the award and it just made my day!
    I am with you, it is so hard to pick only five for an award..I like to give it to everyone!

    Have a great week.

  6. Sue: You're so very welcome! Glad I could start your day off with something fun! I love your blog! I never leave there without feeling inspired by all you do or having had a good warm fuzzy from Bud's latest big hearted moment!

    MM: Thank You! I am deeply honored that Frisky blessed me with such a lovely award!

    Mary: You're welcome! We are foodie soul sisters, are we not! LOL! My mouth waters every time I pop in on your blog! Hope the rest of the week is a fabulous one!

    Holly: Totally ironic, isn't it? I'm sorry I didn't see your comment or post before. I might have been able to combine the two... Oh well, next Tuesday isn't far off, right? Be well my friend!

    Shawn: You are so very welcome! I always love popping by and checking in on you and your lovely family. Thank you for all of the sweet things you wrote! Sending you great big virtual thank you hugs!

  7. You are such a wonderful person! Thank you so much for your kind words--I'm completely overwhelmed! You are one of my dearest blogging buddies. *Hugs*


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