Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Lake George NY Spring 2011
Normally there would be about 2+ feet of posts showing under this dock. The heavy snow from Winter and the frequent rain this Spring have raised the water level in Lake George higher than it's been in decades... At least during my lifetime.

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  1. the weather is taking it's toll everywhere.... Hugs

  2. Wow! That's something...I'm planning on getting involved with some of these weekly or monthly memes--as soon as I'm done working out my summer blog makeover. This seems like so much fun, and you're really good at it!

  3. wow, the high water line must be a bit scary, even if it makes for a great photo. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  4. Very pretty photo, love the reflection in the water too. That water is so high.

  5. Katherine: So true! Mother Nature has been a busy woman. Maybe a tad too busy this year...

    Holly: Your makeover looks fantastic! I think the memes and hops are really fun and a great way to meet new blog friends.

    Rhonda: We don't live on the Lake (I wish!) but for the folks who do, the high water levels can end up costing a lot of money. There is shoreline erosion that has to be repaired and some of the docks don't "survive" the high water levels.

    Terri: Thanks! I have some pics of the same docks from last Spring and there's quite a bit more of that "reflection" in them. I'll have to post the two side by side sometime.


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