Saturday, June 25, 2011

Honey, I'm Home!

Howdy friends!

Thanks so much for all of the well wishes for our trip! You'll be happy to know that they worked!!! As much as it's always fabulous to take a vacation from the everyday routine, it's always just as nice to get back home.

Before I go any further, please let me apologize for missing two Seasonal Food Friday Posts while I was away. I'd set up last week's post to launch on Friday morning, but for some reason it didn't (Blogger??) and I was so busy doing all the things that you do on vacation, I never had time to check in on the blog to see what was going on. My laptop never even came out of the bag! We decided to stay on for a few extra days and after an exhausting 12 hour car ride home yesterday, this week's post never made it off the ground either!  I promise that I'll do my very best to make it up to you all with some extra recipes in the coming weeks!  Any special requests??

As far as the trip was concerned, we had a great time! The weather cooperated quite nicely, but the best part of the whole trip was getting the chance to see our daughter for a few days! Even better, she missed us so much that she actually decided to hop in her car and drive up here this morning and will be here until next Tuesday! Yay!!

So.... Since I'm not unpacked yet and my house is not even close to being ready for the gang of out of town family and friends who will be decending upon us mid-week and staying here through the July 4th holiday, I've planned a few different posts for the week ahead. There will be some scoop and photos from our trip and a few recipes of course, but I also have a couple of very important "food themed" issues to share with you, starting with tomorrow's post.  If all goes as well as I hope it will, I'll have a couple of surprises coming up too!!

Last, but certainly not least, I couldn't possibly close this post out before giving a special shout-out to local boy and "Amazing" newly drafted Sacramento Kings point guard (possibly?) Jimmer Fredette, with this newly released video by his older brother, hip hop artist (and friend of my daughter's) TJ Fredette.  Go Jimmer!  Congrats on your incredible success, past, present and future!

Live Well, Eat Well !

~Mrs B


  1. I'm so glad you had a great vacation!

    Hugs & love,

  2. Glad you had a great trip, and will also have a wonderful 4th of July. Missed you.

  3. Welcome home! Blogger is a nuisance, and you can blame almost anything on it these days and likely be right! Just happy to have you back ... :)

  4. Spectacular video. Stunning, heart filling, and all about love between brothers. It touched me in a huge way. Thank you for sharing...and welcome home.

  5. First~I'm glad you had a wonderful trip

    Second~ I almost fell off my chair laughing at the "Honey I'm Home Photo"

    Third~ Living in Utah you must know that we claim Jimmer as our own.

    Last~ I've missed you terribly, and am glad your back!

  6. Mimi: Thank you sweetie! I loved every minute of it. (well, except the car...) It was a much needed change of scenery and so good to see some family that we haven't seen in a while. Hugs & Love right back atchya!

    CW: I've missed you too! I feel like I've been out of the loop on all the "family" scoop! I'll be stopping over soon to catch up. I've got some work ahead of me getting ready for the 4th, but it's so worth it. We have a big group of life long friends turning the "big 5-0" this year and I couldn't imagine celebrating a milestone like this without a single one of them. :~)

    Mary: Thanks, girlfriend! I'm truly glad to be back! I think I'm getting somewhat used to blogger and it's idiosyncracies. Maybe... I can't wait to see what you've been cooking up while I was away!

    Liza: Thank you, my friend. Isn't that a wonderful tribute from one brother to another? I'm not really a big hip-hop fan, but it's not about the genre. It's about the love. There is a powerful bond between Jimmer and TJ. They aren't just brothers... they're best friends.

    Holly: Is that not the best picture?? Growing up, I wanted to live in that house... White picket fence and all! LOL

    I guess we can share a tiny bit of Jimmer with the fine people of Utah, but he'll always be our hometown boy. I suppose Sacramento is going to want to claim him too!

    I've missed you too m'dear! It seems like I've been away much longer than I really was. I'll be over soon to chat and catch up! It really was good to get home and sleep in my own bed. I'm afraid we've spoiled ourselves a bit with our TempurPedic and a standard mattress just doesn't cut it anymore... How superficial does that make me sound? LOL

  7. I have not stopped by in quite a while...I apologize for that. Sounds like you had one great vacation....and you are returning home just in time for another.



  8. Thank you dearest Jo! Don't you worry one bit! I haven't exactly been around to visit as much as I'd like to either. Life happens my dear, and all we can do is go with the flow and make the best of it!

    I promise I'll be by to visit you soon too!



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