Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's a Busy, Hoppy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday morning! No... That isn't a typo in the blog title. I've recently learned of two new blog hops/memes that are being hosted by an older (not chronologically older!) friend and a brand new one.

The first is "Pay It Forward" hosted by the very lovely Holly at "A Life-Size Catholic Blog"  and the second is "My Week At A Glance" hosted by my new blog friend, Cindy at "For One Another".  The two hops/memes aren't exactly the same, but they both have a little something that makes them seem like they'll work well together.  So...... I'm linking up with both of these good ladies today! (You can read about the rules of each by clicking on the blog names above)

Now, about my post......

This post took a lot of time and thought. (and a whole lotta reading) Not because I don't have a plethora of amazing blogs and bloggers to choose from right at my fingertips. Conversely, it's because I do have a plethora of amazing blogs and bloggers at my fingertips that I had such a hard time. I did make a decision and it was a bit easier to make when I remembered that this is a weekly opportunity for me to spread the love.

So, on to my first week with these two hops/memes:

I've chosen a blog/post written by my very dear friend, Robin  at "Your Daily Dose" for this week. I really debated whether I should or shouldn't put any new focus on her blog this week because she's been through a terrible tragedy recently.  The loss of her beloved father.  On the one hand, I didn't want to make it seem like I was exploiting my friend during this very difficult time, but at the same time her posts over the last couple of months (especially this last week) have made a difference in my life.

Robin is a true example of someone who believes that it's possible to forgive others, even when they might not deserve it. She's shown me through her strength (even though she doesn't see herself a strong right now) that we need to (and we can) persevere through very painful periods in our lives, by recognizing and leaning on our faith our family and our friends. It's not the first time I've been in awe of Robin's spirit. She has inspired me and taught me, cried with me and made me laugh right out loud more times than I could ever recount here. I sincerely hope she doesn't feel that I'm intruding on her grief by choosing her for this post. But knowing Robin, she'll understand...


  1. Thanks for paying it forward today!
    I love your highlighted blogger. What a wonderful soul. I think she IS blessed as the Priest said. In the midst of such tragedy to write such personal, moving comments, and with such humor—it’s a gift.

    I also linked up with “My Week at a Glance”.

    Thanks Mrs. B(ee) ;-D

  2. You're welcome Holly! Thanks for hosting! I've been trying to link up over at "My Week" but it doesn't seem to want to take. (scratches head)

    I'm out to a doc appt, but will be back to check out all of the other participants' blogs/posts later tonight. Crazy day around here today! Phew!

  3. Hey Mrs B
    My dad has terminal cancer. He is staying with us now. It is very hard on his bad days to see him this way...but we're taking one day at a time. I'm going to head over to Robin's place and read some of her posts. Hopefully they will encourage me

    I got you all linked up at My Week At a Glance..not sure why you couldn't
    But thanks for trying, then letting me know you couldn't :)


  4. You know I just love you. How could I be mad?

  5. Cindy: So sorry about your dad. Robin is an amazing person and her posts are definitely inspiring. I know you'll be a fan for the long haul. I've lost people I love very much to cancer (including my dad) and I pray every day that this insidious disease will be eradicated from our world. (Thanks for getting me linked up)

    Rob: You know the feeling is soooo mutual. Thank you for letting me "share" you with others.... (((Hugs)))


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