Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Road Trip!!!

Howdy folks!

Mr B and I are taking a little trip down D.C. way, to visit family. (including our beautiful daughter! Yay!)  We're leaving some time in the wee hours on Wednesday because Mr B likes to avoid rush hour around NYC and some of the larger cities to the South.  We might very well be on the road as you read this!

I'll be doing my best to pop in here when/if I can, but the Seasonal Food post is all set for Friday and  should be up first thing in the morning.  We should be back by next Wednesday, but who knows?? A little side trip on the way home is never out of the question!!!!

Maybe a little detour to a beachy resort town?

Possibly a trip into Boston and one of my faves, Quincy Market? (a little eating and shopping never hurt anyone, right?)

Might try a stop-over in the City of Brotherly...
 Or... A leisurely drive down Millionaires Row, perhaps?

How about just coming straight home and relaxing in our own "backyard"....

Hmmm.... What do you think?  Well, one thing I do know for sure is that wherever we go we'll be praying for fair skies and mild temperatures.  I'll miss you all and I'll be thinking of you while I'm out shopping, dining and sunning myself on the sand! hee hee...

Mwah!!  See you soon!

~Mrs B


  1. Mrs B. Have a lovely vacation! Road trips are so much fun! Wishing you blue skies and sunshine all the way!

  2. Have a lovely trip. Looking forward to some restaurant reviews, especially if you get to Boston!

  3. Mrs. B have a wonderful trip and wave to my tiny state of Maryland...blow a kiss and a wish towards Baltimore for me for my daughter, too.

    Safe travels- I miss the North SO much. Two years and counting...Coming home.
    Or at least coming home to some mountains.

  4. Have a fabulous trip!!! And look at all those awards you've received -- mazal tov! MUCH deserved ... :)

  5. Have fun! Thanks for dropping by Mancunian Wave- fascinating to hear your Dad was here in WWII. We must catch up about that when you return ;-)


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  7. Nice view in your own 'back yard'. Happy trip!

  8. real good writeup and amazing choice of pictures..

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