Monday, June 13, 2011

I've Received A Lovely Award!

Good Monday Morning Everyone!

I'm pleased, humbled and flattered to say that I've received The Sunshine Award from my good friend, Holly at "A Life-Size Catholic Blog" !!

It came as no surprise to me that Holly received this award. She's an extremely bright, upbeat gal who blogs about her personal journey to truly know, understand and embrace her Church, to strengthen her knowledge and to serve God in a new (and rapidly growing) "cyber based" world of worship and stewardship.  Her posts are extremely well written, often humorous, and always passionate about her family, her friends and of course, her faith.  Holly and her blog have even gained some recent notoriety surrounding Matt Lauer's "curious" gift to Pope Benedict during his visit to Rome! You should definitely stop by and check Holly and her fabulous blog out for yourself. You don't have to be Catholic or deeply religious to appreciate who Holly is and what she writes about. I know you'll get hooked, just like I did!

So, here's the skinny on what this award asks of it's lucky recipients...

  1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them  
  2. Tell one thing about yourself 
  3. Then nominate 10 blogs 
  4. Stop by and let them know you chose them 

OK, I've taken care of point number one.  Now, I guess I need to tell you all something about myself.

Hmmm... The first food I ever cooked without any assistance from an adult, was Pot Roast. I was such a fan of the whole meat and gravy, with slowly braised potatoes, carrots & onions thing that I guess I wanted to have it for dinner more frequently than Mama wanted to make it. So, after watching her a couple of times, I made it myself one chilly September day and then several times again over the years.  Mama checked in on me here and there, to make sure I wasn't burning the house down or lopping off a finger, but I was basically on my own. That was 40 years ago and I was a whopping 9 years old that first time.  I guess that was the beginning of my love of cooking....

Now, for the part that I find the most difficult...  Who do I pass the award on to?? Call me crazy, but I always feel like a mom favoring one child over another. (or in this case 10)  So, what do I do?  Well, I genuinely enjoy all of the blogs that I choose to follow but I can't choose them all.  Then take into account that I've never been very good at following all of the rules.  Then add in the fact that Mr B and I are heading out of town this Wednesday in the wee hours and I'm running around like the proverbial beheaded chicken. So, all of that being said, I've decided to go with 5 blogs who are relatively new (or newer) to blogging or maybe haven't had long to build up as many followers as they'd like to. I look at it this way... The majority of these awards are meant to help provide exposure to fellow bloggers so they can get the recognition they deserve, so why not help each other?  We all like making new friends! And, since I'm no good at just choosing a few out of many, I'm also putting it out there for everyone else who'd like to grab it and pass it on. So, without further ado...  Here we go! (In no particular order)

 Please make sure to stop by and visit all of these great blogs!  I'm sure you'll be glad you did!
~Mrs B


  1. You deserve the award my friend... for many many reasons, mostly because you are one of the most supportive bloggers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and secondly, because you leave unbelievably thoughtful comments.

    Congrats lovely one!

  2. wow!!!!!! thanks !!!!! I am so happy!!!
    I apologize if I don't write the post about it right away...but ...I'll be "busy"with my due day in two days from now!! :)
    I will share it right away on my FB page!! :)

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  3. Geeze Tracy... You've got me blatting all over my keyboard! What a truly lovely thing for you to say... I don't know that I deserve such a compliment, but I'm honored that you think so! You're no slouch yourself, my dear friend! I'm going to stop now, before I get all gushy, but one more thing... Thank You! From the bottom of my heart!

    MonInRome: Don't you worry Bella Mama... There's no timeline for you to follow. Just enjoy the award and have a beautiful "birth day" with your darling baby Guilia! Best of luck and many blessings.... (((Hugs)))

  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!! And of course, congratulations to you too!!!!


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