Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Time To "Pay It Forward" !!

Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!

The time is here for my second week participating in the great new meme, hosted by my good friend Holly at A Life-Size Catholic Blog" called "Pay It Forward".  (just click on the button below to learn all about it and/or join in!)

The blog/blogger/post that I've chosen today is a post titled "The Nesting Instinct, OR Why Writers Do What They Do" at  Acquainted With The Night, a blog written by an exceptional author (and truly lovely lady) by the name of  Piper Maitland.  I've already pre-ordered her current book "Acquainted With the Night" for my Kindle and I'm soooo looking forward to it's hard cover and e-book release in November of this year! With the warmer weather finally arriving, it seems like I don't have five minutes to sit down and read, but by the end of Autumn, I'll be itching to curl up with this thriller! (Did you ever notice that we humans tend to rush around all Spring & Summer getting things done - just like squirrels do in the Fall?)

While I always enjoy Piper's posts, the one that I'm focusing on this week made me stop and really think about how I view myself as a "writer".  Trust me, I have never written a novel or even a short story (that was published, that is) but I can relate to Piper's sense of needing to nurture and tend to her words as if they were fragile eggs huddled in a nest.  I guess when push comes to shove, all bloggers are "writers" at some level. We write stories about how our day has been, or about childhood memories or a job or our families. Even a recipe post can be like a short story. (or a rather long meandering one if you're me. LOL) Call it obsession. Call it passion. No matter why it is that we we write, whether it's fiction or something biographical, I believe we all want the words we choose to genuinely reflect who we are.

Piper Maitland
Trust me, I have no delusions that my posts are great literary works.... But they are, in the end, a reflection of me. "Me" the person. "Me" the writer. Even when it's only a paragraph or sometimes just a sentence or two, I think we all want to give the best impression we can when we speak or when we write. Piper's thoughts on being a writer, reminded me that words can be powerful and precious and it's up to those of us who publish our words to nurture and protect them. We may all go about it in our own unique way, but I think we all "sit on our nests" whether they're in a book or in a blog.

Excerpt from the post:

"If you don’t take your work seriously, how will anyone else respect it? Some people are blessed—bolstered by their nearest and dearest. For some, the words might hatch in abundance. No struggle. No defensive clucking. The rest of us are in the hen house, guarding our wee egg, flapping our wings at intruders."

Please pop over to "Acquainted With The Night" and say hello to Piper. I doubt very much that you'll leave there without learning and understanding more about yourself as a writer. And as a bonus, you'll be meeting a truly talented author and very gracious lady. (While you're there, don't forget to check out her tab about the book!)


  1. Hi! I follow Piper also and really enjoyed her post. It really got me thinking about what writers do. I enjoyed looking through your page. Thanks for becoming my newest follower!

  2. Kitchen Witch: Thank you for stopping by and following back! I'm really glad I chose Piper's post this week. She's one bright lady!

  3. Visiting Piper~

    I have a friend who is a writer, and after reading Piper's post today—the light bulb flicked on—I think I understand what was lost to me before … the concept behind writers nesting. It was very nicely put for those of us who want our writer friends to fly the coop, cut and run, or high tail it away from that darn nest she speaks of, and follow US!

    Thanks for sharing...

  4. Sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out. I've done my share of writer's nesting.



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